Last edited on Monday 30 May 2016

The Big UNISON Prize Draw logoThe Big UNISON Prize Draw - after the draw

The Big UNISON Prize Draw is over, but you still need to keep your details up to date.

Over 100,000 members contacted UNISON to verify their contact details are correct, to provide us with updated information.  This will be a great help in the future if there is a time when it's important to be able to reach members quickly.  And with the ongoing threat to our unions from the Government's Trade Union Bill, that need to contact members urgently may be closer than we'd like to think.

Whether you updated your personal information as part of the draw or not, it is ALWAYS vital to keep your personal details up to date on UNISON's database, however small the change (moved house? changed your mobile number?  moved from one part of the Council to another?).  

If your circumstances change, contact us at the Branch office and we'll do the rest.