Last edited on Tuesday 06 December 2016

There for you (the new name for UNISON Welfare)

Supporting UNISON members when life gets tough

If you are struggling through an unexpected crisis, or if the pressures of every day life are getting to you, There for You can help.

The service offers a unique confidential advice and support service just for members of UNISON and their dependants.

Whether it's just a chat and a sympathetic ear, or more concrete help you need, they may be able to help.

They offer:

  • Financial assistance
  • Debt advice
  • Wellbeing breaks
  • Support and information

Check out for full details.



Don't suffer in silence

For an increasing number of people, managing their household finances isn't just getting harder because the cost of living is going up - they're also struggling to deal with debt.someone attacked by question marks

Payplan, the UNISON debtline helps members who have debt problems.

Many people who find themselves with financial worries either try to pretend it isn't happening or they're embarrassed to speak to anyone about it.
There are many reasons why people get into difficulty.  Some of it can be because of the availability of easy credit from before the financial crunch, but it can also be drops in wages, supporting a child who can't find work, or less overtime.
When money is tight to start with, it doesn't take much to make life very difficult.  And when people turn to payday loan firms, for instance, it can make the situation much worse, as they often charge huge amounts of interest. 
Increasing numbers of people take out such a loan to help them pay the mortgage one month, only to have to take out another load the following month to pay off the original payday loan.

For members who find themselves in this position, UNISON can help:  you don't need to suffer in silence.
You can contact UNISON debtline on freephone 0800 389 3302 from 8am to 9pm Monday-Friday or 9am-3pm on Saturdays.  

To find out more about this and other services that UNISON's charity There for You offers, visit UNISON's website.