Last edited on Tuesday 06 December 2016

Why join UNISON?

UNISON is the UK's largest public service union and represents more than 1.3 million people providing vital services to the public.  

Membership starts from just 30p a week and gives you access to a whole range of benefits, from free legal and welfare advice to discounts on insurance and grants for workplace training.

UNISON needs a signature from new members to confirm they accept the rules of the union. So we can't offer an online sign-up service - but you can download an application form here (pdf file).

Please complete and sign the form and post it to us at:  
Civic Offices
Angel Street
Bridgend  CF31 4WB

To read Acrobat PDF files you need Acrobat Reader software, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website in both PC and Mac format.
If you have any questions about joining UNISON, please contact us.

Ten good reasons to join UNISON


You can earn more Year on year, UNISON wins pay rises for its members. Average earnings are around eight per cent higher in unionised workplaces.
number 2 You're more likely to get equal pay UNISON is campaigning to bring women's pay into line with men's. Workplaces with union recognition are 20 per cent more likely to have an equal opportunities policy.
number 3 You get more holiday UNISON has won increased leave for many of its members wherever they work.

You get more and better training UNISON provides courses to help you learn new skills, improve existing ones and develop your career. Since 1994 UNISON has won agreements with employers to pay for courses and provide time off for employees to attend them.
number 5 You get more maternity leave or parental leave If you belong to UNISON, your employer is more likely to have parental leave policies which are more generous than the statutory minimum.
number 6 You're less likely to be injured at work UNISON health and safety stewards are trained to minimise the risk of workplace injuries and ensure that employers meet their legal obligations.
number 7 If you do get injured at work, you'll get better compensation UNISON wins millions in legal compensation for people who are injured or become ill at work. We won over £37 million in 2004 for members and their families.
number 8 You're less likely to be discriminated against UNISON campaigns for tougher laws to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, disability or sexual orientation. Black and Asian trade unionists earn 32 per cent more than non-unionised colleagues.
You can help keep our public services public UNISON campaigns against all forms of privatisation, including PFI and foundation hospitals. Where our members have been transferred to the private sector we have won them pay and employment protections.
number 10 You're less likely to be sacked Trade union members are only half as likely to be sacked as non members.

Membership rates

England, Scotland and Wales rate of membership related to income:

Weekly pay

Annual pay

Per week

Per month


Up to £38.47 Up to £2,000 £0.30 £1.30 A
£38.48 - £96.16 £2,001-£5,000 £0.81 £3.50 B
£96.17 - £153.84 £5,001-£8,000 £1.22 £5.30 C
£153.85 - £211.53 £8,001-£11,000 £1.52 £6.60 D
£211.54 - £269.23 £11,001-£14,000 £1.81 £7.85 E
£269.24 - £326.92 £14,001-£17,000 £2.24 £9.70 F
£326.93 - £384.61 £17,001-£20,000 £2.65 £11.50 G
£384.62 - £480.76 £20,001-£25,000 £3.23 £14.00 H
£480.77 - £576.92 £25,001-£30,000 £3.98 £17.25 I
£576.93 - £673.08 £30,001-£35,000 £4.68 £20.30 J
£673.08+ over £35,000 £5.19 £22.50 K

If you have any questions about joining UNISON, please contact us.